Jorissen Law assists entrepreneurs and companies all along their journey in every aspect of their business, from its start-up to its liquidation.

We also assist individuals in specific practice areas, such as white collar investigations, tax & estate planning/management, torts & liability.

Our specialization is key to the quality legal service we provide for our clients. Discover our fields of expertise under this page.

At Jorissen Law, we believe that the key to success for our clients is to avoid disruptive conflicts in their commercial and contractual relationships. That’s why we make it our mission to advise our clients such as to ensure that, wherever possible, they do not become involved in unnecessary disputes.

If litigation is unavoidable, we make sure that our clients are equipped with the resources to reach a prompt and successful resolution. From the onset of a dispute through to resolution, we help our clients make well-informed decisions.

Thanks to our experience and knowledge, we are able to advise our clients through the complex issues which go hand in hand with large and sophisticated transactions

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At Jorissen Law, we are well aware of the complex life behind the scenes of successful companies. Hence we stand next to their executives and shareholders to accompany them in the most practical and efficient way of handling corporate legal issues, including the creation of companies, their restructuring, the opportunities for extension and migration, as well as internal conflicts resolution.

The experience and qualifications of our lawyers provide us with the resources for guaranteeing a smooth and successful course of business of our client companies.

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At Jorissen Law, it is obvious that an ever more open world brings opportunities for our clients to locate their center of operations at new locations, providing the best solutions in terms of labor costs and business tax incentives. For that reason, we stand ready to advise our clients on the most optimal ways to increase their competitiveness through international business migration in function of their specific needs.

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At Jorissen Law, we understand the importance and needs of the construction companies & all other real estate professionals. We prepare and negotiate for our clients commercially appropriate contracts of all the types specific to the business.

In dispute resolution, we represent clients in litigation before courts at all levels. We also stand by our clients in arbitration or other forms of alternative dispute resolution, as well as in the management of liability claims arising during the course of a project.

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We give a special attention to the transport business in all its forms:

- transport of passengers or transport of goods;

- transport by road, water or air;

- transport infrastructure or transport assets.

We advise clients on the acquisition, operation, sale, and taxation of transport infrastructure and assets in the regions covered by our activity.

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In insurance law & torts, we assist insurance companies – including in leading the defense in claims against their insured clients, companies and professionals, as well as private natural persons.

In torts & civil liability law, we manage files of professional liability, product liability and objective liability in all forms, as well as personal liability – including in case of traffic offenses. We work with clients against whom a liability claim has been filed, but also with clients who are seeking to file a claim for compensation against a third party.

We stand for our clients to defend their interest by the most efficient way, including by negotiating favorable settlement deals where advisable and possible.

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Employing is linked to rapidly changing legal requirements that vary widely from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. It is natural to Jorissen Law to advise our clients across the full spectrum of employment issues, including transactional and non-contentious matters.

This includes advising on issues ranging from executive compensation, employment, incentives, employee relations, labour law litigation, to restructuring, pensions and immigration.

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At Jorissen Law, we know the importance of optimal management of personal wealth. We take it as our duty to provide our individuals clients with the best advice regarding tax, estate and succession planning. We are able to meet all of our clients’ planning needs to handle complex, multi-jurisdictional estate disputes.

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