Our website address is: www.jorissen-law.be. We are an international lawyers’ network giving very special attention to the respect of your privacy.

You will find more about how we respect your privacy and process your personal data under this page.


Your data is kept in paper or electronic files, under the responsibility of your lawyer, who takes all necessary measures to ensure the safe storage of your data.

If your data has to be shared for the purposes of processing your case file, this will be done through a secured electronic information exchange system and/or, in legal proceedings, through the electronic system edeposit/DPA or a similar system.

Your data is kept for the duration of the processing of your case file. Once your case file is closed, they will be kept for maximum 10 years from the end date of the services of your lawyer, for the purpose of allowing him to comply with his liability or other obligations.


In the framework of the mission which you wish to assign to your lawyer, he must collect some of your personal data to execute tasks related to tat mission, which are listed in a form that you have to sign at the beginning of our contractual relationship.

The collected personal data could be used for another mission which would be closely linked to the tasks listed in page 2 of this document.

The collected data is your identity, your post and billing addresses, as well as all data strictly necessary for the completing of the tasks listed in aforementioned document.  This data could be, if necessary to the processing of your case file, sensitive data such as medical images, laboratory reports, biological samples data, letters and reports from the doctors who treated you, data about your race, sexual orientation, trade union membership, religious or philosophical or other beliefs.

This data is collected and used with your consent and in compliance with the European and national laws on data protection. Even if you decide to not give your consent with this regard, your lawyer will process your case file to the best possible extent.

Your lawyer Mr Ilian GUEORGUIEV is responsible for your personal data. You can contact him to ask any questions which you might have about your data and its protection.


The members of the law firm of Mr Ilian GUEORGUIEV will have access to your case file in order to process it.

If the processing of your case file requires it, this consent form will allow your lawyer to share all data of your case file with other lawyers and other stakeholders of the judicial world.

If the processing of your data must take place outside of Belgium and within the European Union (EU), and if you and your lawyer agree, your personal data which has been collected by your lawyer can be shared with legal professionals from other EU countries. Your lawyer can inform you further about the professionals who will process your case file in this (these) country (countries).


You have the right to give or withdraw your consent for the processing and exchange of your data.

If you accept today to give your data and to let it be processed in the framework of your case file, you can later withdraw your consent at any time. In that case, your lawyer will explain to you how your data will be deleted from your case file. It can however appear that the withdrawal of all your data is impossible; this would for instance be the case for the data used to launch judicial proceedings or to defend your rights in court.

You have the right to be informed about the purposes for which your data will be processed and about the persons who will have access to this data. Your lawyer will inform you which persons will be associated to the processing of your case file and which persons will have access to your case file.

You have the right to ask which data concerning you is recorded and to ask for corrections if some of your data is not correct.

You have the right to receive all data concerning you recorded under a portable and readable format.

Your lawyer who collects directly your data is responsible for this data.

Your lawyer has the duty to make sure that your data is processed safely and to warn you if the safety of your data is not respected.

If you worry about the way your data is processed, you can contact your lawyer or the Commission on protection of privacy  Rue de la Presse 35, 1000 Brussels, Tel.: 02/274 48 00 or commission@privacycommission.be


You can also inform us whether you wish to be contacted in the context of information activities organized by your lawyer or to receive the newsletter of the law firm.